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SKIN WELLNESS PLACE / spa & yoga center in Peristeri 

Study - ​Construct : MAIOΣ 2016.

Basic characteristics of the space that we recognized when we first encountered it were its chaotic height and the uncontrolled natural light that permeated the space through the transparent skin of the facades. These elements made the space look like an open empty container, a shell without any particular character.

From the beginning, the addition of the composition was to exploit these qualities, in such a way as to introduce both the space and the visitor into the world of the new use. The central architectural decision aims at a gradual initiation of the senses from the big to the small, from the definite to the indefinite, from fragmented thinking to self-concentration, isolation and tranquility. This is realized through different geometric forms, qualities of materials and play of control with lighting.

Within the large initial container there are ultimately many smaller units with their own independent qualitative and geometrical characteristics. These units are not bound together but sail independently, within the large spatial container.

The final feeling we wanted to achieve is the user's loss of time and total relaxation.

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