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FUEL COFFEE LAB -  espresso bar in Piraeus. 

Study - ​Construction : January 2014 (collaboration with Kipseli Architects)

The Fuel is a two-story corner space on the intersection of two main axes of Piraeus - Kolokotroni street and Sotiros Dios pedestrian street. A busy passage but at the same time a meeting point.

The central architectural concept was based on these basic features of the space. We aimed at a space that introduces the user to a new world, without however losing touch with the city - the outside - that runs next to it. Therefore the design starts in the first place with an open floor plan and a single two-story multi-colored opening glazing.


The city is reflected in the two-story glass, filtered through the colors of the coffee beans. Green, red, yellow are the color stages that coffee goes through from collection to its final processing. So they were applied scattered, on the glass surface, and by filtering the light throughout the day, they naturally color the whole shop with it. 

The service bar starts from the interior and continuously evolves in a P-shape on the exterior, emphasizing the continuity between inside and outside.

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