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DODONI CAFÉ & GELATO in Kallithea. 

Study - ​ Build : January 2015

The central architectural idea to solve the rigidity of the space, he saw the pre-existing shell as a dark canvas through which "the new" will emerge with new textures, geometries and qualities. 

A key part of the composition was the utilization of the ceiling so that a relief was created that would be in constant dialogue with the service counter and the storage cabinets. As if the ceiling embraces the entire space and spills out. Στον κεντρικό σκούρο τοίχο κρέμονται σιδηρά κουτιά με πλέγμα, που δίνουν μια νέα πρόταση τόσο στην αποθήκευση όσο και στο φωτισμού .  At the same time, within this dark background, the multi-colored ice cream that jumps out of the refrigerators is characteristically emphasized, adding playful and cool tones to the whole composition.

Everything boldly stands out from the old gray, giving new perspectives and dimensions to the space.

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