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Arxigeio restaurant in Gerakas 

Study - ​Constructed : May 2015

Arxigeio is an open semi-outdoor space, without clear boundaries, a large bright balcony in the greenery.​

The aim of the composition is to respect the Mediterranean and outward-looking character of the space and highlight it. The light that unhindered bathes every corner of the space, throughout the day, is the natural element that we are called to serve. 

Another characteristic element that we recognized in the space is that of "transparency", which was a key point of inspiration for all the architectural decisions regarding the aesthetics of the space. All the individual elements and materials, which were used, obey this logic - the lights, the hanging iron divider, the large shelf in the hall. The colored tiles on the floor and walls, with their gloss, contribute to an aesthetic approach of Mediterranean purity and light.

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