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Complete renovation of an apartment in the center of Thessaloniki.

Study - ​Construction : July 2022 | Collaboration with Architectural office Katerina Danelaki - architectural design

Project photographer : STUDIOVD | Vavdinoudis-Dimitriou

In the design of the Kamara_Apartment we attempted overturn architecturally the residential design in general, as it is a priori defined.

Residential design is usually structured by spaces that have predetermined roles with specific functional and material boundaries. In this aspect, there are the daycare spaces that have a more lose character but along with them exist other spaces such as bedrooms and wet spaces that are implemented with stricter - absolute limits and mode of operation.

In this project we attempted to deliberate, both the overall residential structure and the individual spaces’ set up from their predetermined roles and boundaries.

Our goal is the absolute highlighting of the spatial qualities of the apartment, the orientation, the natural lighting and the promotion of a sense of freedom within it.

The main synthetic decision of the architectural proposal lies in the transformation of the central bedroom into a glass box placed in the center of the house’s structure, where from it supervises every part of the space unhindered and fearlessly. With the glass frame curtains that delimit it, it visually enters the living room space, penetrates it, becomes its frame and an organic part of it.

Likewise, the living room is placed like a satellite at the bedroom’s back part, so that it perceptually functions as an extension to it.

The kitchen functionally complete, is also a half-open box floating in the main corridor of the apartment. With its neutral complexion and matte textures, it does not shout its role, it simply serves it quietly. When operating in it, the user has the immediate connection with the rest of the house and visual contact with every corner.

The bedroom (glass box), the kitchen (semi-open box) and the living room are in a continuous visual and functional dialogue, daily subverting the sense of inside and outside, full and empty, the sleekness of the glass with the tranquility of matte surfaces.

The light has been a decisive design factor in the architectural composition set up. The space and the user needed natural lighting to touch every part of the house. In addition, to that the lighting design proposal, with multi hidden lighting arrangements, added depth and interiority to the chosen geometries and to the textures of the materials.

The qualities of transparency, purity and honesty of the materials, applied at each point, are in absolute consistency with the central idea which aims to overturn the structures and the perception of the residential way of living.

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