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Loft in Malacasa. 

Study - ​ Build : July 2019

The main issue of the study was the inclusion of the new use, this residence, in the pre-existing space which was a café-restaurant, with chalet aesthetics, with wood and stone as its main materials.


The central idea of our new architectural proposal has as its primary goal to completely change the perception and feeling of the space in terms of textures, colors and light. So that users feel the comfort, relaxation, familiarity and sense of home.


In order to achieve the above goals, it was decided to remove all the dividing walls and consolidate the new space, both on the ground floor and on the loft. 

A decisive role in the development of the central idea was played by the change of position of the central staircase going up to the loft, its modern and simple design, the open plan kitchen and the disappearance of the different textures and materials by integrating them into a homogeneous and harmonious color set.

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