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Study - ​ Build : July 2019

The central idea of our architectural proposal has as its primary objective to completely change the perception and feeling of the space both in terms of its size and level, while at the same time the users entering it feel comfort, activation and a change of environment .   


In order to achieve the above objectives it was decided 

Its division into 2 sections is implemented with folding glazing which allows the space to be divided optionally, when needed, without however creating a visual barrier and extra boundaries.

A decisive role in the development of the central idea was played by the use of lighting,  the choices of colors and the final applications of the materials.


The single special sports floor (Sportec Giga-Samour floors) in dark gray with turquoise shavings, was applied throughout the space. These asymmetrical shavings create changes in the texture and color of the floor, giving a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. 

The Led home-panels, with lighting in the frame, create the illusion that the light panels are floating on the ceiling, without a fixed and permanent position, thus enhancing the sense of movement and action.

A basic option is the special parametric pattern (self-adhesive pattern) applied to the ceiling and wall, which embraces and unifies the entire space, giving an extension of the walls to the ceiling and completely falsifying the sense of limits and ends.

The use of a mirror with hidden lighting on the free wall multiplies both the above pattern and all the images and gives extra depth and volume to the space.

Finally, minimal white iron and wooden showcases for the storage and placement of all instruments were formed on the side walls keeping the central space clean.

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