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Our philosophy

Οtarch studio is a creative studio based in Athens Greece, dealing with architecture and interior design, founded in 2015 by the architect Ourania Tiliou.,

Ourania is the leader architect, experienced in small and large-scale design studies of houses, interiors, building complexes , museums, design of public spaces.

She researches the psychological dimension of archetypal forms and shapes as well as the function of visual perception, through her thesis "How memory participates in the process of architectural design" as a PhD candidate (Democritus University of Thrace).


Our main position in any architectural synthesis lies in the acknowledgement that space pre existed long before and without humans.

Therefore, when we intervene in spaces we first record them analytically.

Our main goal is to identify all those unique spatial characteristics that will lead the new architectural proposal, highlighting what is already there and adding new dimensions.

Our basic tools : honesty of materials, clean lines, simple archetypal forms and curated use of light.

Principles :

  • The recognition of the place and its deep recording.


- ​Nature does nothing in vain: More is in vain when something can be done with less."

Isaac Newton

  • The simple lines and the purity of the materials.


- Law of Simplicity : in an image the smaller the number of elements required to define a composition, compared to other solutions, the more likely the image will be perceived correctly."

Rudolf Arnheim

  • The persistent game of balance between empty & full, light & dark, inside & outside.


- V​isual perception presents space as a receptacle where various physical bodies and objects find their place within it.

From this point of view, the spaces between objects and buildings are empty.  But is it so?

Everyday experience distinguishes between impermeable matter, such as mountains, trees or building walls, and free openings through which one can pass. This distinction is fundamental to the architect, who constantly seeks the best possible ratio between the two.

Gestalt theory

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